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If it was just a Internet radio stunt I'm kind of jealous. I sort of wanted to do one with Sigfrit. I will say that it certainly worked! I haven't watched stranger things yet. My Internet speed is too slow for most video podcast.

Did Sigfrit Punk us? by Jack JaffeeJack Jaffee, 24 Apr 2008 13:52

Welcome to all the new members !!!!!!

Welcome by zaphodbblxzaphodbblx, 22 Apr 2008 14:30

How can anyone hope to beat this?

Sorry its taken me so long to get back to you. Sure, I'd love to check out your other stuff.

hey thanks Andreahg! I am writing a story where a girl is the main charater at I would love the here your thoughts on her or my other writting. IT'S NOT SLASH! I will do some more slash for KK as long as they want it. Then I will make some thing else they might like. I'am easy… and married….

I have no women fans of my stories so far…

If you tried it and don't like it that is cool. thanks again :)

wow, that's actually kinda hot. You raised the bar, dude!

Biscuit gets infected


Jack Jaffee

"I am going to do this. I'm just going walk up to him and get him to sign my hardcover copy of Infected. I can do this. He is right there," said Biscuit. His clammy hands trembling over the hard cover copy.

Sigler, holding his can of Miller beer, stepped into the elevator alone. This is perfect, thought Biscuit. Once he stepped inside his nerves gave out as the elevator door closed. The sweat was dripping from his clammy hands as he clutch the hardcover. They rode together for two full floors before he could even get the nerve to open his mouth. Scott Sigler just stared at the door. The second Biscuit opened his mouth, Sigler spoke, "You like it hard?"

"What?" Biscuit's mouth was dry.

"The hardcover edition. I included extra content. You like it full and hard?"

"I don't… yes I….I.. do"

Sigler walked over and ran a finger down the spine until it reached Biscuit's hand. "It's your first time isn't it?"

"No it's … ," Biscuit's face was turning bright red.

"It's okay. You can open it up for me? Can't you?" Sigler had a smile on his face. It almost diminished the craziness behind those smoky eyes. Biscuit felt he could drown in those eyes. Holding out a flair pen and in open copy of the hardcover release of Infected, Biscuit's hands began to tremble.

"I'm your biggest fan," said Biscuit.

Sigler looked up from his signing. What little gentleness there was in his eyes vanished as a demonic smile spread across his face. "Are you?"

"Am I what?" Biscuit asked nervously. He wanted to run away in shock and embarrassment from the god of a man he saw before him.

"My biggest fan?" Sigler dropped the pen and invaded Biscuit's personal space. Reaching out, he cupped the front of Biscuit's denim pants. "I have had many people tell me that they are my biggest fan. I've been looking him and I wanted to know if you measured up."

"I'm not sure what you mean?" Biscuit said breathlessly.

"From what I feel you know exactly what I mean," the intensity returned to Sigler's face.

Biscuit let out a soft moan. His dream was finally going to come true. Sigler spun him on his feet to face away from him. They looked at each other in the mirrrored wall as Sigler ran his hands over Biscuit's chest making sure to pinch his nipples on the way down. Biscuit let out a little squeak as Sigler began to nibble at his earlobe. With one hand Sigler undid his belt and fly allowing his pants the fall to his ankles. His other hand slid down the back of his superhero underwear. "Why do they call you Biscuit? They should call you buns."

Before Biscuit could even began to reply his underwear was pulled to the ground. Biscuit quickly bent over and and breathed in wanting to except his master. Sigler punched the emergency stop button on the elevator. The vehicle suddenly lurched and a warning bell rang. The sudden shock drove Biscuit out of his revelry. He realize that he was about ready to have unprotected dry anal sex with another man. "I'm not sure about… ummmppphhh. …. ," was all Biscuit to get out before Sigler invaded his tight dry boy cunt.

To Biscuit, Sigler's invading member felt like a Rockatopod plumbing the depths of his hot dry hole. He was plowing his anus like Key line men plowing Ken Barnes the rookie. Biscuit grabbed onto the handrail and pushed back against Sigler's magnificent girth. He wondered if this is what it felt like to be infected by a triangle alien. He felt like he was one with his idol. Looking up into the mirror he saw that Sigler wasn't looking at him. He was looking at himself. He was getting turned on by himself. He is the most beautiful thing in this room, thought Biscuit.

"My God you're better than J.C. Hutchins!" breathlessly shouted Biscuit.

Sigler pulled out of him without warning. The intense shooting pain made Biscuit cry out. "Don't ever say his name in my presence." Biscuit crumpled onto the floor. Panic and fear flooded his mind as he looked at Sigler standing over them is magnificent member hard and unsatisfied loomed over his head. Blood and excrement still dripped from its tip. Biscuit leaned forward to suckle from it, wanted to make up for his indiscretion. He needed to know that he could still satisfy his idol. He longed to know what a master of dark fiction and horror tasted like. Biscuit craned his neck up and stretched his lips out like a horse trying to get after a carrots. He was denied. Sigler teased him for only a few moments. "Worthless damned dirty wannabe junkie."

Sigler picked Biscuit's hard cover copy of Infected and wiped off his own member on his own literature. "There's your signed copy!" With that he pulled out the emergency stop button the elevator door opened and Sigler left biscuit alone in the elevator. His anus was still gaping wide from the invasion he experienced only a few moments ago.

In despair and a need to satisfy himself while the memory of his love was still fresh in his mind, Biscuit began to masturbate himself. He understood Sigler and respected him even more for his integrity. A single tear ran down biscuits face as he came. It was the most intense and sad orgasm he had ever experienced at a Dragoncon. It was so intense that he didn't even care when the elevator opened up to lobby as he let loose his ropes.

Biscuit in the 100 acre wood.

"Oh bother" Pooh Bear said, he was a bear in a quandary. Biscuit was on his way again and soon his honey yellow fur would be covered in Peach Melba and other unmentionable fluids. How an ADULT had found his way into the woods was a mystery, but what Pooh knew was that life had taken a turn for the perverse. Pooh had always been a curious bear and at first Biscuit's perversions had been fun but this was getting tiresome. Why couldn't he like a smackeral of Honey as lubricant instead of PEACH MELBA?

Biscuit Vignettes by zaphodbblxzaphodbblx, 28 Mar 2008 17:41
Sienna Nevada
zaphodbblxzaphodbblx 09 Mar 2008 18:31
in discussion Hidden / spam » Sienna Nevada

9.6% abv Very hoppy with a lightly sweetish malt finish. Not as much alcohol bite as previous years. Beautiful Deep amber color and super hop aroma
Big Foot

Sienna Nevada by zaphodbblxzaphodbblx, 09 Mar 2008 18:31

Hi !
I come from the wikidot community over your post in the howto: create a forum step by step…

I see your categories created for every group - this is OK so…
( I can only write here in the per page discussion forum - no idea why….

I do not understand your question … is it solved now?


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