Friends of Kulture

Only the Brains and the Talent can assign listener numbers
So here are the few, the proud, the ones that will pick your pocket,
The Friends of Kulture

Listener #1
She is NOW and shall ALWAYS remain #1


#3.0 Choochus from the Into the Blender Pod cast

Choochus 3.0 is here Choochus 3.0 is everywhere!

Listener #6 or 7
Chris The Fixed Kitty
Proprietor of the The Adult Space Child Free Podcast

Listener #8
The lovely and talented Philippa Ballantine

Author, podcaster, librarian and New Zealander.. though not in that order.

The voice of Askana Moldarin in Morevi: Remastered, author of and possible creator of fantasy slanted Biscuit slash— especially if she runs out of projects.


Philippa Ballantine
Author - Podcaster

Chasing The Bard- podiobook that brings Shakespeare into his own midsummer nightmare
Whispers at the Edge- a writer's life at the limit of the map

Listener #9
Shannon Farrell
He is a slacker who moves around the country every couple of years, so claims to be from nowhere, at least for now. He's a slacker because SusanZ asked him to provide a bio on 9 March and is only now getting to it on 18 May. Recently he listened to 10 KK episodes over Memorial Day weekend while the cool kids were hanging out at BaltiCon 42. His brain still hurts from that effort. Still, he enjoys listening to podcasts, siding with Biscuit (except when he's wrong), and making comments about the show on Twitter.

Listener #11 (Also accorded listener #42 for meritorious Geekitude in service of Kulture)
Brian A.K.A. Zaphodbblx is a late 30 something Father, Husband and Geek In General. He has no special powers or special skills. He is an avid Reader and Pod cast junkie. " I like my B33R cellar temperature, My SCI-FI epic, And my women folk with a little "junk in the trunk" Within 20 seconds of his first pod cast he was hooked solid and never looked back.
Major net accomplishments include involvement in many pod cast "street teams"
PFC and "chief stumbler" in Casey's Kadets
Seth Harwoods Palms Daddies Crew
Seventh son Ministry of Propaganda
Matt wallace's Variant Fiends Western MA Division
3rd Wave street Team

and starting the "un-official" Kulture Kast WIKKI

Listener # 13
Brandon (Gutshot)
Kilted monkey knife fighting phenomenon and all around nice guy.

Listener #14

Jack Jaffee
Podcaster and Host of 12 volt Theater

Listener # 18

Nobilis From Nobilis Erotica

Special Provisional Listener number (?) PIE (not PI)

Christiana Ellis Pod Caster and soon to be published author(Dragon Moon Press)
Check her stuff out at:
and various and sundry places on the INTERWEB

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